About Newcomers Group — Frequently Asked Questions

Must you have a problem with cocaine to attend a Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meeting?

No!  CA is for everyone who has—or wonders about—a problem with drugs or alcohol.  

The CA Newcomers’ Group in Oak Cliff—can anyone attend?

Yes!  We are an Open Meeting.  That means any and all people can attend.  If you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, or if you know someone who does, or if you have questions about addiction—you are welcomed!

In short, everyone is welcomed at our meeting.

What’s the difference between Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and CA?

Both programs teach the 12 Steps of AA.  And both use the Big Book  of AA as our text.  The difference is that addicts AND alcoholics are welcomed at CA.

So if it’s the same program, why have two—AA and CA?

Some AA groups only want alcoholics at their meetings.  That’s their choice.  But we exclude no one—ALL are welcomed.

What kind of format does the CA Newcomers’ Group follow in meetings?

We study the Big Book and the 12 Steps.  We were formed to serve newcomers.  The faster a newcomer works the 12 Steps, the faster they can get well.  

Does your group provide sponsors—and what exactly does a sponsor do?

Yes, our members are available to sponsor.  A sponsor’s main job is to teach the new person the 12 Steps.  

The Steps have been around for decades.  Medical science and technology have changed greatly in the last 85 years.  Why haven’t the Steps?

Because they work; they always have, and they still do.  

If the Steps work, why do so many people go back to drugs and alcohol?

Our experience confirms that people who work the Steps—honestly and thoroughly—remain sober.  AND…they are happy about it!  Many people try the Steps, or start the process, only to slack off or stop.  A chronic disease comes back without continued treatment; the disease of addiction is no different.

Has the pandemic affected your meetings?

Yes.  We are not meeting in person, and won’t until it’s safe.  But we offer Zoom meetings three timers per week (see box on this page for details).

Can I call someone if I have questions before attending a Zoom meeting?

Sure. Call the Newcomers Group at (469) 759-9085