Cocaine Anonymous vs. Alcohol Anonymous

cocaine anonymous

I discovered CA in 2009 while doing a stint in a long-term treatment center in Kaufman Texas. I loved the energy of the group. Everyone was fun, welcoming, I felt like I belonged.

This group was different than AA, even though they taught out of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. They said things like: it doesn’t matter what your drug of choice is, you are welcome here.

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To the Newcomer: Am I an Addict?

It can be amazingly difficult to diagnose ourselves as an alcoholic or an addict. Our lives can seem normal to us, as we have succumbed to the daily grind that is the life of an addict.

We believe we are like other normal people, but the way we use alcohol and drugs is not normal, not by a long shot. Our disease gets worse and worse over time, yet we hardly notice, it all seems so normal. We continue using until something major happens to upset our routine.

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